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Twenty-six years ago, my grandmother had a maid named Zazel, who had powers that even the most educated man feared. This is not an urban legend, it’s true. It happened in the 1400s. My grandmother was a sweet and loving woman, who nevertheless put Zazel in the cottage, shackled her to a beam, and asked her to take her own life. The priest and village elders took Zazel away and had her burned alive. This is a story of the fear of something that was not understood, the need to control. The Year of the Plague In 1349, the year of the Plague, every church in England had a plague cross hanging from its steeple. The entire population of England was on edge. We were awaiting a black cat that is said to have powers to predict the arrival of the Plague and was the object of superstitious dread by some. (I’m not at all sure that was the case. I’ve yet to read anything to back that up, but it seems like an interesting idea.) In the summer of 1349, the worst of the Plague began. The Plague had begun in the mid-1300s, but that year, it seemed to come out of nowhere. The population of England was so small at the time that even a doubling of the population, from about one million to two million, meant that it was still a small population. By June 1349, the Plague had reached London. By August, the mortality rate in England was 30 to 40% a week, and by December, it was 50 to 60%. “The moon in her sickly course does portend the plague.” The Plague killed half the population of England, leaving the country in a state of social and economic anarchy, as well as a large number of noblemen missing and presumed dead. St. Thomas More, in his most famous book, Utopia, described the state of the country as “worse than a Turkish war” and wrote that “the whole world groaned at this affliction.” I love history, but I’ve never been great at it, especially in school, and it’s a hard subject to read. I’ve been reading book after book on the Plague, the Black Death, the mass deaths in Russia, the Spanish Flu, and others. The deaths were almost always




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HD Online Player (Season Of The Witch 1080p Movie Torr) haltre

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