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About Me

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Juliette Kobani Haegglund


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Juliette Kobani Haegglund was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Her international culinary experience started before she was a year old when she started travelling with her father, George Kobani, a Nigerian diplomat, and was introduced to 

cooking by her Le Cordon Bleu, Paris-educated mother, Jayne at the age of 4. Juliette is currently a Geoscientist as well as a passionate chef and aspiring photographer. She has lived in 9 countries spanning 5 continents and has traveled to over 50 countries exploring their cuisine and culture. She enjoys creating delicious meals for her son Erik Saana as well as entertaining family and friends.



What Students Think

Juliette, thank you for fabulous food and teaching us how to make it. All the while having fun!

- Roxanna

 Thanks for hosting such a fun cooking class! I loved the dishes!

- Mona

 Thank you for having us! I loved the main dish and dessert.

- Mary


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