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Learn to create masterpieces in your kitchen

Welcome To My Cooking School

"The World in Juliette's Kitchen"

Welcome to "The World in Juliette's Kitchen". This International Cooking School features vibrant, delicious and easy-to-prepare dishes from over 20 countries in 5 continents. Many of the dishes are featured in my book "World Cuisine - My Culinary Journey Around the World". We host team buildings, private classes and group classes for birthdays, retirements and other special occasions on demand. Menus  are designed to accommodate your preferences. Cooking is hands-on with each participant making his/her own dish with guidance from Juliette. Cooking classes are small and intimate with a maximum of 14 people. A minimum of 6 participants are required for the on demand class. Non-alcoholic drinks are included in the cost of the class. Come enjoy great food and learn new skills with family, friends and/or coworkers.

Sample Menus

Retirement Luncheon

Caprese Salad - Italy
Brazilian seafood soup (Moqueca de fruit
Team Cooking Class 339.JPG
Pistachio Cake

Caprese Salad

Brazilian Seafood Stew


Pistachio Cakes

(Moqueca de Frutos do Mar)



(South America)

(The Mediterranean)

Birthday Party Luncheon


Crab and prawn salad served with a thous

Crab and Prawn Sauce With a Thousand Island Dressings

Main Course

Mussels in a blue cheese sauce 005.JPG

Mussels in a Blue Cheese Sauce

(Belgium/ France)

Lamb Samosas.JPG

Lamb Samosas


crispy yucca fries.webp

Crispy Yucca Fries

(South/Central America)

Macademia nut crusted fillet of Mahi Mah

Macadamia Nut-Crusted Fillet




Vanilla Cardamom Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Pasta and a Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar

(India / Italy)

Brunch Menu

Crab eggs benedict with hollandaise sauc

Crab Benedict


Crepes topped with forest berries 3.JPG




Spanish omlette 5.JPG

Spanish Omelette


Roxanna's Retirement

I hosted a Team Building Cooking Class at my Cooking School 'The World in Juliette's Kitchen'. Thank you to the wonderful group of people who joined me to celebrate Roxanna's Retirement. We took a culinary journey around the world cooking dishes from 4 continents - Caprese Salad (Italy), Toast Skagen (Sweden), Brazilian Seafood Stew 'Moqueca de Frutos do Mar' (Brazil), Twice-Fried Plantains 'Tostones' (South and Central America), Mango Kulfi (India), Pistachio Cake (Middle Eastern Inspired) and Kiwi Kiss (one of my cocktail creations).We had a fabulous time cooking and eating delicious food, having interesting conversations and getting to know each other better. Thanks so much everyone for being such great chefs and fun company!!!

Rita's Birthday Party

I hosted a Birthday Cooking Class for a lovely lady - Rita and her wonderful family and friends. We took an amazing culinary journey around the World preparing a 7 course menu featuring dishes from several countries - Crab and Prawn Salad with a homemade Thousand Island Dressing, Crispy Lamb Sambusas from Tanzania, Macadamia nut and Coconut-Crusted Chicken Drums which is Hawaii Inspired, Mussels in Blue Cheese Sauce from Belgium, Crispy Oven-baked Yucca Fries from South and Central America, Sauteed Carrots with Toasted Almonds and Drizzled with Honey and Vanilla Cardamom Ice Cream with Chocolate Pasta then drizzled with Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar which is Italy and India inspired.......... and yes, I said chocolate pasta. It was all absolutely beautiful.

Plans and Pricing








Team Cooking Class 357.JPG


Juliette, thanks you for fabulous food and teaching us how to make it. All the while having fun!



Thanks for hosting such a fun cooking class! I loved the dishes!



Thank you for having us! I loved the main dish and dessert.

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