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Juliette is well traveled and shares her experiences though her food, adding her own culinary adaptations to each dish.  I like to cook, but I was tired of feeling uninspired by my normal routine.  Taking the class helped me get out of my comfort zone and into a more thoughtful approach of creativeness in the kitchen.  What I liked most about the class, besides that we were tasting dishes from many places around the world, is that Juliette takes time to explain how the dish was traditionally made and how her adaptation makes it slightly different.  I left the class with plenty of permission to experiment, adding my own touch of flavor to the dishes.  Of the dishes we created, the Pineapple Fried Rice was my favorite.  Since the class,  whenever I go to a Thai restaurant, it is the rice dish that I seek most.



I had an exceptional experience in Juliette’s class.  It was the cooking equivalent of going to a spa – I was pampered all day and left feeling renewed and inspired! 

I’m not a cook, so I arrived for the class feeling a bit self-conscious about my lack of culinary skill.  I soon relaxed when I saw how beautifully Juliette had organized and prepared every step of the process.  She warmly guided me through each step, providing tips and insight.  The end result was a delicious meal I never dreamed I could prepare! 

The class cured me of much of the intimidation I feel in the kitchen, and equipped me with principles that I now apply to every meal I prepare.  It was an utterly enjoyable and truly enriching experience.



I was nervous about taking a cooking class as I've never been comfortable in the kitchen. A friend suggested taking Juliette's class and I did so apprehensively. Once we arrived Juliette was so welcoming, positive and excited to teach us what came so naturally to her. Her energy was infectious and managed to excite me as well! She is so passionate about cooking! I so enjoyed the class and all the yummy food we made. She was even so thoughtful to give us a copy of her book! I would highly recommend taking her class. You won't be disappointed. 

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