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A tale of two Christmases

I love this time of year from Thanksgiving spent with friends and family and leading up to Christmas as the weather turns colder, the wind a little crisper bringing with it more reasons to cuddle on the soft in from of the fireplace, then moving on to Christmas with the feeling of love and joy in the air, people become a little kinder, smiles become a little wider, decorations and lights on the Christmas tree and all around.........and then comes the expectation of a new year ahead bringing with it new hopes, dreams and ambitions. One of the most exciting parts of Christmas for our family is we get to celebrate it twice! Swedish Christmas is celebrated on December 24th and Nigerian Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. This year we celebrated Swedish Christmas on the 24th with dishes such as pan-fried salmon with a Rhode Island sauce, Skagen cream, salmon cream, potato salad, crisp bread, carrot cake and ginger bread cookies. On Dec 25th we had Nigerian delicacies such as coconut rice, mackerel roasted in tomato sauce, fried plantain, green salad with a tangerine dressing and finishing off with a vanilla cake with chocolate icing. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year ahead!!!

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