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The Summer of Sweden - Week 2 - Swedish Pancakes

4 years ago I started my website with a series called the 'Summer of Sweden'. That series featured many of the wonderful ingredients and dishes that made me fall in love with Swedish Food. This year, we spent part of the summer in Sweden having a family reunion (or union) of my Nigerian and Swedish Families. As such I am bringing back that series, this time with more Swedish dishes peppered with love as many of these recipes are family recipes and the dished have been shared with my wonderful families. The same things still inspire me about Swedish food, the freshness of the ingredients and simplicity of many of the delicious recipes. The idea that many of the ingredients are handpicked and made with love. Some of my favorites include Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberry Sauce, Swedish Pancakes, Swedish Waffles, Mushroom Crepes, Gravlax, Toast Skagen and Pan-seared Cod with Boiled Potatoes. Today I am sharing photos of some of my favorite dishes. Join me in August as I take a culinary journey to the beautiful and picturesque Swedish countryside.

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